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You three are the ones I’m going to miss the most. You showed us how MBLAQ can be such great, caring, loving yet hilarious fathers. You showed them how much they can take care of someone and I believe you’ll truly be forever a part of their hearts. The relationship between you and MBLAQ was amazing to watch. I’m really thankful for you guys to meet MBLAQ. Dayoung, Lauren, Leo. I’ll miss you

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S♡NE「보고 싶었어」 “We’ve missed you.” Event during Complete
After being away from home doing promotions overseas for so long, SNSD came back to Seoul to perform for their 2nd Asia Tour. Korean fans planned a special event with a short, but sincere message for them.

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hahahahahahahahaha i have english next period im so stressed out

holy shit lee jieun

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